Introduction to Data Science Curriculum

Mobilize Introduction to Data Science© curriculum teaches students to reason with, and think critically about, data in all forms. The Common Core State Standards (CCSS) for High School Statistics and Probability relevant to data science are taught along with the data demands of good citizenship in the 21st century. Additionally, IDS provides access to rigorous learning that fuses mathematics with computer science through the use of RStudio, an open-source programming language that has long been the standard for academic statisticians and analysts in industry. IDS is a C-approved mathematics course in the University of California A-G requirements. As a statistics course, successful completion of IDS validates Algebra II in California. IDS directly addresses the Common Core State Standards (CCSS) for High School Statistics and Probability and Practice for Modeling.

IDS Curriculum

The IDS curriculum consists of daily classroom activities, computer labs, and participatory sensing campaigns.  You can find these and more after requesting a download of the curriculum.   The computer lab activities develop fundamental R programming and analysis skills. These labs are best accessed directly via the RStudio interface with the mobilizr package installed.

The Mobilize technology suite is an essential component for implementing the IDS curriculum. While the technology must be installed at the district level, you can “test drive” the applications here.